Vitavia Venus 5000

In this beautiful greenhouse you have all the space for your own vegetable garden. Thanks to the average size of the Vitavia Venus 5000, you do not need a spacious garden to enjoy your own grown vegetables and herbs.
Vitavia Venus 5000

You can also mount the sliding door on both the right and left side, making the greenhouse even more flexible. Both the novice and the experienced gardener can do fine with this greenhouse.

The frame of this greenhouse consists of a strong aluminum construction and is available in a clear / anodised version as standard. This ensures that your greenhouse retains a beautiful appearance. A color coating gives your greenhouse an extra luxurious look.

The Venus series offers many options for extra safety, including 3mm toughened safety glass being the most important. The Venus 2500, Venus 6200, or the Venus 7500 are the other sizes from the Venus series if you are interested in a smaller or larger greenhouse.

The matching foundation forms an important basis for the installation of the greenhouse. You can easily and quickly create a strong and level foundation with this foundation. The steel foundation edge also ensures a higher throughput.


For a quick and stable installation, place the greenhouse on a foundation. The foundation can be ordered optionally and forms the most important basis for the greenhouse. It is not necessary to order this foundation, you can also choose to make a foundation yourself.

Would you like to have the greenhouse assembled? Cas Services has a team of experienced technicians throughout the country. Contact us for more information.

Pay attention! You may need a building permit for this greenhouse. This depends on the surface, height and location of the greenhouse. Visit for more information.