Eden Birdlip 64 with safetyglass

Are you looking for a small greenhouse with standing height? Then choose the Birdlip, the smallest hobby greenhouse in the world. Despite its small dimensions, this freestanding greenhouse is fitted as standard with a threshold-free double sliding door with lock, 65cm wide and a door height of no less than 200cm. So you won't have to duck when into the greenhouse!
Eden Birdlip 64 with safetyglass

The greenhouse shown is assembled including the table / shelf accessory.

For the extra wide gutter with a width of 80mm, 2 downpipes with a diameter of 40mm are supplied free of charge.

The Birdlip greenhouse offers a choice of 2 types of sealing: 3 mm thick safety glass and 6 mm polycarbonate. If you choose safety glass or polycarbonate, the seal is fixed with plastic glazing strips. The advantages per type of sealing in a row: Safety glass: supplied in long panes and up to 6 times stronger than gardener's glass Polycarbonate (double-walled): lightweight, unbreakable and has a better insulating effect than glass.

The frame of the Birdlip is available in a blank version as standard. For a more luxurious look and / or unity with the environment in which the greenhouse is placed, this greenhouse is available in a black or classic dark green coated version. Good aeration is vital in the greenhouse. That is why the Birdlip is equipped with 1 skylight in model 44 and 2 skylights in the two largest models; 64 and 84. For optimum ease of use, the use of an automatic window opener Ventomax or Spiro is recommended. These window openers are temperature sensitive and open or close the skylight automatically. A foundation edge is necessary for a stable and strong base. The Birdlip comes standard (free) with an aluminum foundation edge of 8 cm high. If you opt for a black or dark green coated greenhouse, the foundation in this color will also be included.


For a quick and stable installation, place the greenhouse on a foundation. The foundation can be ordered as an option and forms the most important basis for the greenhouse. It is not necessary to order this foundation, you can also choose to make a foundation yourself.

Would you like to have the greenhouse assembled? Cas Services has a team of experienced technicians throughout the country. Contact us for more information.

Pay attention! You may need a building permit for this greenhouse. This depends on the surface, height and location of the greenhouse. Visit www.omgevingsloket.nl for more information.