Halls Supreme 66 with safety glass

The Supreme 66 greenhouse from Halls has a single sliding door and an elegant shape. You can use the skylight for ventilation and temperature control. To make the greenhouse to your liking, you can choose from many extras, such as a foundation, automatic window opener and more!
Halls Supreme 66 with safety glass

Obviously, a good hobby greenhouse should provide you with a comfortable environment to put your green fingers to work. But the Halls Supreme hobby greenhouse is more than that. The Supreme hobby greenhouse is extra eye-catching because of the elegant lines and has a beautiful dark green coating. In short, the Supreme is a jewel for every garden!

Doors and glazing

The Supreme hobby greenhouse from Halls has a single sliding door. This allows you to make optimal use of the space in and around the greenhouse. In addition, sturdy and safe glazing is of course the most important requirement for a hobby greenhouse. You can choose between gardener's glass and safety glass for sealing. Safety glass costs a little more, but is up to six times stronger than regular glass. In addition, safety glass is completely harmless if the windows accidentally break: it disintegrates into blunt particles, without endangering you and your surroundings. The curve at gutter height is covered with sturdy, flexible plexiglass.

Customized shielding

The climate in the hobby greenhouse is the determining factor for a good cultivation result. To prevent your crops from being burned by the sun, we recommend the use of shading. Customized screens can be ordered for the Supreme 66. Screen systems are easy to assemble and extend to both sides.

Solid aluminum frame
Elegantly designed
Available with gardeners glass and safety glass
Beautiful dark green coating


For a quick and stable installation, place the greenhouse on a foundation. The foundation can be ordered as an option and forms the most important basis for the greenhouse. It is not necessary to order this foundation, you can also choose to make a foundation yourself.

Would you like to have the greenhouse assembled? Cas Services has a team of experienced technicians throughout the country. Contact us for more information.

Pay attention! You may need a building permit for this greenhouse. This depends on the surface, height and location of the greenhouse. Visit www.omgevingsloket.nl for more information.