Janssens Junior Victorian JV23

The Junior Victorian distinguishes itself in colors and decorative details. With the base of the standard Junior, the Victorian turns into a true picture thanks to the ornate ridge decoration and the luxurious black powder coating.
Janssens Junior Victorian JV23

All greenhouses in the Junior series are fitted with toughened safety glass as standard for optimum safety. Unlike other greenhouses, the Junior series greenhouses consist of one-piece glazing. In addition, the glazing is covered with a rubber strip, the best guarantee for draft-tight glazing.

Numerous accessories are available for the Junior Victorian to make optimal use of the greenhouse. These accessories are available in black powder coated (RAL 9005m) so that they have the same appearance as the greenhouse and are additionally protected.

Product specifications
308 cm
234 cm
Gutter height
157 cm
Ridge height
250 cm
7.21 m²

Black powder coated
Safety glass 4 mm
Glazing seal
Glazing rubber

Windows and doors
Number of skylights
1 skylight
number of doors
1 door
Type of door
Single sliding door
Door dimensions
73 x 200 cm


For a quick and stable installation, place the greenhouse on a foundation. The foundation can be ordered as an option and forms the most important basis for the greenhouse. It is not necessary to order this foundation, you can also choose to make a foundation yourself.

Would you like to have the greenhouse assembled? Cas Services has a team of experienced technicians throughout the country. Contact us for more information.

Pay attention! You may need a building permit for this greenhouse. This depends on the surface, height and location of the greenhouse. Visit www.omgevingsloket.nl for more information.